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Maximize WordPress Website Security: Pro Tips by Move It Live

Last updated on 31st october, 2023 by Move It Live Team 
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For securing WordPress, we’ve compiled an in-depth guide to strengthen your website’s defenses. Our main goal is to build a robust virtual shield against cyber threats, protecting your site from potential hackers and ensuring the safety of sensitive data. Reach out to our sales team for a complimentary consultation on WordPress security.

Table of Contents

1. URL for the website's administrative panel

By default, the WordPress admin panel URL is set to ‘yourdomain.com/wp-admin.’ To enhance¬†WordPress¬†security, consider changing the URL from ‘/wp-admin’ to a unique, random keyword.

Recommend plugin:  WPS Hide Login 

2. Avoid using 'admin' as your WordPress login username

WordPress security important tip.

If you’ve chosen ‘admin’ as your username, it’s advisable to modify it to a different, unique name. Opt for a name in your local language or a term that is typically not found in the English dictionary.

3. Utilize a robust password for enhanced security.

Ensure the implementation of a secure password by adhering to these recommended practices:

a) Establish a password with a length surpassing 12 characters.

b) Merge both lowercase and uppercase letters seamlessly.

c) Embed special characters (@#$%^&*()_+) and numbers (e.g., 123456789) in a non-patterned sequence.

d) Avoid incorporating dictionary words into your password.

e) Abstain from using common, easily guessable keywords such as ‘1234567789,’ ‘qwerty,’ ‘aeiou123,’ and similar variations.

4. Activate SSL at your website

Verify the activation of SSL for an extra layer of security on your website, assuring encrypted data transmission and fostering trust with your users. Additionally, this crucial step not only enhances security but also establishes a secure connection, contributing to a trustworthy online experience for your visitors.

5. Limit login attempts

Implement login attempt restrictions to limit the number of incorrect login attempts. For instance, if a user enters incorrect login details five times, the system will temporarily block their IP address for 15 minutes before they can make another attempt. Thus, you have the flexibility to adjust the duration to meet your specific requirements.

Recommended Plugin: Limit Login Attempts Reloaded

6. Link a third-party authenticator app

Enhance the security of your login systems by incorporating third-party authentication apps. This added layer of protection ensures that even if your password is compromised, users will still need your authentication code to access your system.

Recommended Apps: Google Authenticator , Two-Factor

7. Converting media into the WebP format

Converting media to the WebP format optimizes content for the web, reducing file sizes and improving loading speed. Therefore. this format is ideal for efficient and high-quality media delivery on websites.

Recommended Plugin: Smush

8. Theme & Plugins regular updates

Ensure the automatic updates for your WordPress website and plugins to guarantee that both your WordPress theme and plugins receive consistent and timely updates. This precautionary step is essential to maintaining the security and functionality of your website. By enabling automatic updates, you not only streamline the process but also fortify your site against potential vulnerabilities.

Additionally, this practice ensures that your WordPress ecosystem stays up-to-date with the latest features, improvements, and security patches, contributing to a smoother and more secure online presence.

9. Use reliable hosting provider

Choose a reputable hosting provider to guarantee that your data is securely managed by seasoned professionals. By selecting a trustworthy hosting service, you can rely on experienced experts to safeguard your valuable information. This ensures not only the security of your data but also provides peace of mind, knowing that your hosting environment is in capable hands.

10. Install LiteSpeed Cache Plugin

The LiteSpeed Cache plugin plays a pivotal role in optimizing websites hosted on LiteSpeed servers, providing cutting-edge caching and optimization features that contribute to the swift loading of web pages. This user-friendly solution serves as a robust tool to markedly enhance website performance and elevate the overall user experience.

Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with LiteSpeed servers, ensuring a seamless and efficient caching mechanism. In essence, the LiteSpeed Cache plugin stands as a cornerstone for achieving not just speedier page loads but also an optimized and user-centric online environment.

11. Ensure that you regularly create backups of your websites.

Ensure an elevated level of security by verifying that your hosting provider or servers perform daily backups. This proactive step significantly enhances the protection of your data, mitigating the risk of potential loss in the face of malware or cyber attacks. Moreover, this precautionary measure not only fortifies your defense against unforeseen threats but also acts as a fail-safe mechanism in case of any security breaches. Consequently, your website or online assets remain resilient and well-protected, maintaining the integrity and availability of your valuable information.

12. Delete unnecessary themes and plugins

Eliminate unused themes and plugins from your website to optimize performance. Additionally, this action will streamline your website’s functionality and enhance its overall security.

By removing unnecessary elements, you not only declutter your site but also minimize potential vulnerabilities. Furthermore, taking this precautionary step contributes to a more efficient and secure online presence.

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