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Premium Hosting

5X more resources and a dedicated support manager.

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Standard vs Premium Hosting

Standard Hosting Versus Premium Hosting: A Comparative Analysis

  • Standard Hosting
  • Premium Hosting
Standard HostingPremium Hosting
Premium Cloud Server
IO50 MB/S250 MB/S
Dedicated Support Manager
LiteSpeed Caching
LiteSpeed Crawler
2X Daily Backups Additional 2.99$/month*Free
Automatic Malware ScannerAdditional 2.99$/month*Free
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Extra Security

Move It Live Addons

Addons inclides 2X daily backups, Automatic Malware Scanner, Dedicated Support Manager

2X Daily Backups

2x daily backups enhance data protection and ensure rapid disaster recovery, minimizing downtime risks for your website

Automatic Malware Scanner

Automatic Malware Scanner continuously monitors and removes malicious threats from your hosting package, ensuring a safe online environment.

Dedicated Support manager

With a Dedicated Support Manager for your hosting package, enjoy personalized assistance and expert guidance for prompt resolution of technical issues.

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